Hotel Photographer in Thailand

5 years of photography and finally I found myself my best interest. I wanna be a Hotel Photographer in Thailand !

Deliver you the best services in a very reasonable yet affordable price for your property whether hotels, resorts, or restaurants.

Why choose me ?

Because I look at things commercially, so please be assure that your photos are best picked with the best point to be sold.

Combining both artistic and business perspective together to get the most sell-able shot out of every single shutter released.

Here’re the samples

I know that’s enough advertisement, let’s go and browse through my previous client’s pride. View Portfolio

Interior and Exterior

You don’t want to messed up with a photographer which only loves travel and take good pictures, don’t you ? I look at those tiny details and get rid of it.

As I said, “get the most sell-able shot out of every single shutter released”.

Food photography

Even I named myself a hotel photographer in Thailand, I also have a big interest in food photography. Making people hungry is also my skills !

Tell me what’s in your mind, my job is to make it comes true.

Lifestyle shots

People are so boring looking only at empty lobby, perfectly tidy beds, etc. They’re looking for some feelings in the photo.

If you don’t have them, you probably need to contact me as quickly as possible !


A single photo tells a lot, how about making a video ? Some people don’t want to stare at a photo for a long time, instead, they like watching videos. And this means a nice video.

Grab one for your next exhibition, slideshow is too boring anyway…